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Shaver Investigative Services, Inc.

22 Pembroke Drive, Suite 105
Binghamton, NY 13901-6023
Phone:(607) 648-7396
Fax: (607) 648-5231

About Shaver Investigative Services, Inc.

Shaver Investigative Services, Inc. is owned, and operated by Carl E. Shaver, who is a retired New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigations Captain.
Shaver Investigative Services, Inc. is licensed by the State of New York Department of State.
Shaver Investigative Services, Inc. is fully insured and bonded.
Shaver Investigative Services, Inc. offers 24 hours a day, seven days a week service primarily in the central and Southern Tier of New York State, but also services all of New York State, and Northern Pennsylvania upon request.

Shaver Investigative Services, Inc. is proud to be a member of the following professional associations

Investigators Online Network

Association of Licensed Detectives of New York State

National Association of Investigative Specialists

National Council of Investigation Services


  • All field investigators are well trained, and have extensive law enforcement backgrounds.
  • All investigators are trained in taking sworn statements, surveillance techniques, process service, interviewing, and all other phases of confidential private investigations.
  • All investigators have testified numerous times in various courts
  • The office staff is professional, and dedicated to providing the best service possible to its clients.

High Quality Equipment

1. State of the Art Video and Photographic Equipment
  • 8 mm long-range video cameras
  • 8 mm infra-red cameras for night vision capablilites
  • High speed 35mm cameras for identification, accident scenes, and quality photography
  • Concealable cameras for covert surveillance
  • Same day video tape and film processing service avaiable

2. Portable and Office Computer Equipment
  • Notebook computers with ink jet printers for taking statements, affidavits and reports in the field
  • Digital camera enabling immediate pictures incorporated into reports upon request.
  • Computer generated professional reports, invoicing, and record keeping through the office.

3. Communication Equipment
  • 2-way radio communications between vehicles
  • Portable radios for foot surveillance
  • Cellular telephones
  • Pagers

4. Surveillance Vehicles
  • Specially equipped vehicles for stationary and moving surveillances
  • Vehicles have special window tinting to enhance concealment
  • Vehicles are equipped with various communications to facilitate surveillance
  • Each vehicle is fully equipped with all necessary equipment to conduct the most routine or the most difficult cases.

5. Other Equipment
  • In addition to the above, Shaver Investigative Services, Inc. has editing equipment, image stabilization equipment, and a wide range of field equipment necessary to accomplish the investigation.

Services Provided

Types of Cases Handled

Shaver Investigative Services, Inc. provides a multitude of services to its clients including, but not limited to:
(Those in bold type are our specialties)
Municipality Investigations School District Investigations Legal Liability Investigations Loss Prevention Training
Child Custody & Matrimonial Workers Compensation Investigations Automobile Accident Investigations Process Services
Statement and affidavit taking Corporate Security Undercover Investigations Accident Investigation
Expert Witness Professional Liability Fraud Property Damage
General Investigation Record Searches Insurance Investigations Security Consulting
Malpractice, Medical/Legal Bank/Accounting Fraud Handwriting Analysis Shopping Services
Civil Investigations Surveillance Criminal Investigations Trial Preparations
Personal Injury Photography / Video Polygraph & Voice Stress Analysis White Collar Crimes
Executive Protection Pre Employment


Shaver Investigative Services, Inc. offers its clients professional, and quality services at a very competitive rate. Please contact Shaver Investigative Services, Inc. at (607) 648-7396 for a quote.

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